A board game is always a great option to give as a gift or treat yourself. The good news is that there is life beyond Carcassone, Catan or Trivial. There are endless proposals to consider and that not everyone knows.

That is why here we present you some original board games with which to spend great moments. You can choose depending on the theme, the recommended age, or game mechanics… there is something for everyone. One thing is for sure,  you are going to have a great time.

Take a look at our selection of 10 original board games available on Amazon and find the one you like the most at the best price. We started!

Mysterium: A Psychic Clue Game on Steam


We start with Mysterium, a game of deduction and ingenuity in the bowels of a Victorian-style mansion. The game proposes a kind of “Cluedo”, where we will have to find out who, how, and where they killed the ghost that swarms in the said mansion.

Through a series of cards with truly ambiguous illustrations, we will have to try to find out (or intuit, rather) what the ghost is telling us to discover the culprit during the 7 rounds that the game lasts.

King Of Tokyo 2nd Edition Board Game


This strategy game was born from the mind of the creator of one of the most important collectible card games in history: “Magic: The Gathering”. That’s what I call having good references.

In King of Tokyo we choose which strategy we want to use to get to 20 points or be the last monster on the board. Either of the two options is valid to win.



We are facing a card game for four to seven players from eight years old set in the Wild West. During the game, each player assumes one of 7 assignable roles (a Sheriff, two Sheriff’s deputies, three outlaws, and a renegade).

Each character will determine our actions during the game, being the Sheriff who has the objective of eliminating all the outlaws and then renegade to win the game.

Hombres lobos de Castronegro (The Werewolves of Millers Hollow) it´s a  social game. Each player is secretly assigned a role. The we… | Hombres  lobo, Hombres, Juegos


Los Hombres de Castronegro is a game for huge group games of up to 18 players in which we will have to display our detective skills .

At the beginning of the game, each player receives a card that they must secretly look at to find out what role they have been assigned (villager or werewolf). Each game lasts about half an hour, with a moderator supervising the duel between the werewolves and the villagers who want to eliminate them.

Unstable Unicorns Base Game, Card Games - Amazon Canada


In Unstable Unicorns, we must build our unicorn army as quickly as possible before being betrayed by one of our supposed friends. A card game based on destruction and unicorns, what more could you ask for?

Jungle Speed - Wikipedia


In this frenzied card game, you must get hold of the totem located in the center of the game table before your opponent. Laughter and bruises are guaranteed.

We have to be the fastest when showing our cards, since if there is another one on the board we must grab the totem at high speed. But be careful, if we make a mistake, we keep the cards of others, and the goal is to run out of them.

Exploding Kittens | A Card Game for People who are into Kittens and  Explosions and Laser Beams and Sometimes Goats


This card game is very easy to learn as well as fun. Highly recommended to play with family or friends.

During the game, we will try to minimize the probability of taking an explosive cat from the deck or trying to get explosives deactivation cards, since as you can imagine, if we get an explosive cat we are immediately eliminated.

10 original board games you can buy on Amazon 1


In this card game that can be enjoyed with both family and friends, the ultimate goal is to kill the monster in the dungeon and keep its treasure. Of course, first, you will have to make your way without suffering the attacks of your friends, who will do everything possible to hinder your progress.

We are talking of course about the original version of the game, which has been releasing different versions with totally different themes.

10 original board games you can buy on Amazon 2


Exit is a collection of games inspired by the successful escape rooms, which basically consist of solving a series of enigmas in the shortest possible time .

Currently the game has 3 seasons and 8 games in total : The Abandoned Cabin, The Emperor’s Tomb, The Secret Laboratory, The Forgotten Island, The Polar Station, The Forbidden Castle, The Sunken Treasure and Death on the Orient Express.

The story and theme of each one will be different, although its mechanics will not vary, since each installment adapts the escape games from real rooms but in the format of board games.

Dixit by Asmodee | Barnes & Noble®


We finished with Dixit, a little-known classic for players from the age of 8. It is a fairly simple proposal to play perfectly with family or with groups of friends of 3 to 6 players.

Imagination is key in this game, since we will have to find the phrases that are related to the cards in the game , while the other players try to guess which card is the chosen one.

Depending on the players who hit, miss, or match their results, the score for each roll is established. In addition, the games last approximately 30 minutes, which makes it very enjoyable.

You no longer have an excuse to surprise friends and family with this selection of 10 board games. They will not leave anyone indifferent, we assure you that.


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