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2 Best Home Automation System In 2020 You Should Know About It

2 Best Home Automation System In 2020 You Should Know About It

If you want to turn your home into a smart home, then the 2 best home automation system in 2020 will help you,

and in this guide we will consider all the best options right now.

The growth of wireless technologies and connections means that now there are more opportunities to create a home automation system that controls everything from lighting, heating and entertainment centers.

Using only voice commands, a visual interface or a mobile application,

you can use automation to create a truly smart home.

At the heart of every smart home is what is known as a “hub.”

This is a centralized device that controls all your smart home products using your home network, broadband, Bluetooth, ZigBee, z-wave and other protocols,

Fortunately, the days have passed when the products of one manufacturer did not work with the products of another.

The range of smart products continues to grow.

There are video intercoms, home security systems, thermostats, smart lights, smart plugs, smoke and flood detectors, and even locks for the front door of your home.

There are also smart TVs, home music systems and other audiovisual entertainment products,

as well as robots for cleaning floors and lawn mowing,

which are now available for control using intelligent wireless technology.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is one of the leading home automation among the 2 Best Home Automation System in 2020 center using Amazon’s patented Alexa voice technology.

Echo can work as a standalone device, connecting to the cloud service to provide music, make calls, set alerts and times, ask questions, or even request weather and traffic reports.

Echo has several omnidirectional microphones that make it easy to receive voice commands throughout the room,

and includes several loudspeakers to make them easy to hear.

In addition, Amazon now offers a range of product options.

While the original Echo costs $ 99, Amazon has released a smaller version of Echo Dot,

which sells for half the price but provides similar functionality.

Also now there is a smart alarm Echo Spot, Echo Show as a small portable TV and even Echo Auto for your car,

as well as an Echo Plus media player and Fire TV Cube,

each of which comes with Alexa. built-in and use the same smart technology.

Whatever type of Echo you use,

it should be compatible with most smart peripherals.

Moreover, connecting them is as simple as saying “Alexa, find my devices”.

Overall, Amazon is actively working on Alexa-based devices to make them as affordable as possible.

Also stay tuned for special offers throughout the year where you can see discounts applied to some or all Echo models.

Google Home Hub – 2 Best Home Automation System In 2020

It uses the Google Assistant to perform tasks using voice commands but works mainly as a visual interface, actually acting as a voice tablet device.

It can display local weather information, events, and notifications, daily schedules,

and play music and videos from YouTube and other services.

When not in use, it can display the clock on its screen or serve as a digital photo frame by displaying images from your Google Photo account.

It also, of course, operates as a central home automation center and easily connects to many other smart devices.

You can control the lighting, heating, security and typical range of a smart home using voice commands or a user interface by swiping or touching the screen as needed.

What really sets Google Home Hub apart is its integration with Google Apps, not least web search,

which is still more developed than most competitors, although it is somewhat overloaded with Google’s advertising and self-promotion these days.

However, the Google Home Hub is not a full-fledged multimedia device, so you cannot access digital subscriptions, as in Chromecast.

In addition, despite the fact that the display is great for interacting with close-ups,

the small 7-inch screen means that it is not so convenient for use in any room.


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