If you have the intent to promote your business on a website that has significant access to traffic, we invite you to advertise on

Other than the fact that you get the desired exposure, GadgetNail is a part of a network of websites called TheNail Media. Sites in MediaNail share a typical pedigree, which means that working with one of them has results that are visible on the others.

Contact the administrator of the site through [email protected]. You will get the going advert rates and the different kinds of adverts that are available at the time.

For your money, we would have your advert written and published following FTC and copyright guidelines. The posts would also be SE optimized, so it gets the necessary exposure. We don’t readily trash posts as well, be assured that your advert post stays on the GadgetNail for at least two months.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Who prepares the advert posts?

A: You have two options. You can either submit the draft for the advert post, or have us write it for you for a fee.

Q: What is the life span of a sponsored post on the website?

A: We can guarantee two months for all the posts and links we put on our site. Generally, the post stays on the site forever, since we rarely have cause to trash posts. However, take our two months for it.

Q: How long is the post featured on the home page of the website, if at all?

A: If we have a lot of posts to publish at a time, the post doesn’t stay on the home page for that long. However, the posts are sure to stay on the home page for some days at a time.

Q: Are there exceptions to the companies you receive adverts from?

A: Technically, there aren’t. However, if we surmise that the company isn’t in line with the tenets and values of the website, we are likely not going to field their adverts.

Q: What is the number of page views my Sponsored Post can likely get?

A: Pageviews are highly variable. It is depending on the post type, and the level of traffic is receiving at the time.

Q: Can I pay for an existing page for sponsorship, or buy a text link

A: For now, you cannot buy a text link. However, you can get existing content for a fee. Contact the site’s administrators for pricing.

Q: Do I get a discount if I pay for more than one Sponsored Posts?

A: Yes, we can give you up to 15% for more than 2 sponsored posts at the same time.