Apple’s event is definitely the biggest tech event this month as the company unveiled some relevant products from its 2020 stables. The media buzz it attracted is really massive and it’ll be nice if you get a glimpse of what happened.

Apple’s event took place on Tuesday 15th, September, 2020. It lasted the whole day and definetely came with some highlights.

I know some of you were expecting the release of iPhone 12 and iPhone pro series but that didn’t happen as expected.

Below are some of the brief highlights from Apple’s event.

Apple’s Event: Fitness machine

For the love of fitness to announce a Fitness+ subscription, specifically for Apple Watch. This subscription was specially in-built in Apple watches. This Fitness+ subscription costs about $9.99 a month, including cost of cycling and yoga exercises.

Although Apple announced it this September, they announced that it will not launch this year.

Unveiling iPad Air

The unveiling of iPad Air was quite dramatic as Apple’s CEO;Tim Cook, did the unveiling himself. He called it the “all-new, completely redesigned iPad Air”.

Looking at the ‘all-new iPad Air’ , you’ll see that it has 10.9-inch screen, a Touch ID sensor for fingerprint unlock, A14 silicon chip.

Apple didn’t leave out talks on its performance as they said it has a more powerful performance, in comparison to previous iPads.

It comes in display of Five colours namely rose gold, green, black, silver and blue.

The iPad Air will start selling at $599. It can be accessed from next month.

It’s available starting Friday for $329.


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