Do you also need the motivation to keep going with your daily workouts? Fitness Watch for women is the solution.

Some years back, I found it challenging to stay inspired and motivated during my daily workouts until I discovered fitness watches for ladies. I felt I was wasting my time working out until I could get data for my progress.

Research has shown that using fitness watches for ladies increases concentration during workouts for over 75% of people.

Which means this is a good recommendation for you if you want to meet your workout goals.

And fortunately, the market is littered with so many fitness trackers, and the majority of them costs a dime a dozen.

But if you’re not just interested in a smart hand band, if you need a valid and reliable fitness tracker for women, you should be careful with the fitness watch you choose.

There are some qualities you should look out for when choosing a fitness watch for yourself. A good fitness tracker must have some or all of these qualities if you want to enjoy all the goodies that accompany using a fitness watch. Some of these qualities are

Heart rate monitor

Stress tracking

Sedentary reminder

App compatibility

Sleep tracking

Standard fitness data like the number of calories burnt, distance moved, etc.

In this short article, I’ve listed ten best fitness trackers for women in 2020 you can easily choose from if you want to buy a fitness watch.

Read through carefully and make the best fitness watch choice.

Fitbit Versawhich best fitness watch

This is one of the most popular choices of fitness watch for ladies because of its amazing features. – best fitness watch for cycling

Do you wonder why most women settle for it? The reason is straightforward, it has almost all the features you’ll need in a fitness watch.

With this watch, you can keep an eye on your speed and mileage with its inbuilt speed tracker. You also wake up feeling refreshed when you keep track of your sleep with its sleep score and sleep tracking features.

The inbuilt Amazon Alexa app makes navigating through the watch very easy and hands-free. You can quickly check the weather forecast before a run, set timer for your race, and do many more amazing things.

That’s not all. Check how healthy your heart is with its 24/7 heart rate monitor.

You can also monitor the number of calories you burn each day also use this data to monitor your menstrual cycle.

The beneficial feature of this watch is just too much to neglect.

You can check out more here.

Garmin Vivosmart HR

The band-like look of this fitness watch makes it the choice of most women, especially those with small wrists.

The size of this tiny fitness watch for women cannot be used to judge its functionality and effectiveness. It has a good number of features that make it a perfect choice for a work out accountability device.

It helps to check the heart rate to provide accurate data for calories burnt. Tracks all your activities like floor climbs, steps taken, distance covered, and many more.

Very affordable and effective fitness watch every woman would love to have.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 – best fitness watch for swimming

This is one of my favorite fitness watches because of a unique feature it has. With this Garmin Vivoactive 3 fitness tracker, you can make purchases and pay for them using the inbuilt Garmin Pay Contactless Solutions.

That is not all. It has a battery life up to 7 days if it is in the smartwatch mode and about 13 hours in the GPS mode. Its large screen of 1.2-inch diameter that makes glancing through it more comfortable and seamless.

This little machine has more than 15 preloaded GPS and indoor sports apps like yoga and swimming. You can see that you’re getting a complete workout companion in a single device. – best fitness watch for yoga

Its heart rate tracker and stress monitor are one of the best. You can’t get it wrong with this little yet affordable machine.

Fitbit Blaze

If you want to buy a fitness tracker and never worry about another one again, Fitbit Blaze is your best bet. This piece of the watch was carefully designed to meet all your needs. It is designed to satisfy all you need a fitness watch for.

Its heart rate monitor goes as far as sharing simplified heart zones to show your exercise’s intensity. With this heart rate monitor’s help, you can track your sleep to know how long you were in deep, light, and REM sleep plus when you were awake.

When you connect this watch to a mobile device, you can use it to perform several functions on your mobile phones such as picking a call, receiving notifications, changing music, etc.

Apple Watch 3The Best Fitness Watch For iPhone

The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear Apple is quality, luxury, and expensive. This smart fitness watch has all these properties except that it cost very cheap compared to the value you’ll get from it.

This is one of the most used fitness watches by women. In the actual sense of it, this is more of a smartwatch than a fitness tracker, but it does all a fitness tracker does and more.

You can connect with apple music and have thousands of music at your fingertips. Also, attached to compatible gym equipment to help monitor your movement. It can be connected to several apps from the Apple store that guide you during your workouts like YogaGlo or Zova.

It has an effective HR monitor, a Breathe App that relaxes you by helping you focus on breathing, SIRI, a voice assistant, GPS, altimeter, gyroscope, and many more amazing features.

You need to check this watch out.

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Wristband

If you’ve never seen or heard of this before, you’ll be mistaking it for a bracelet. It has a very discreet look that makes it pass for a bracelet, and that’s why it is the choice of many women. It has no screen, but it synchronizes with a computer or a phone to show reports and data. You can use either a USB or wifi to sync to a computer or a phone.

It has a silent vibrating alarm that wakes you without disturbing anyone else. It also has an LED light that shows when a goal is reached. This fitness tracker’s average battery life is 5hrs, which is pretty decent for its size and functions.

YOCGEM Activity Tracker Fitness Tracker HR

This is no doubt this is the most attractive fitness tracker available in the market. Unless you operate it, you’ll never know it’s a fitness tracker. It’s silver-coated bracelets with butterfly crystals, and its amazing unique features make it the only fitness watch with complete dual functionality. It passes as jewelry and a tracker.

Aside from being the only fitness tracker for women, I know that satisfactorily does these two functions, it is also the only fitness watch I know that detects UV lights and alert you when its right to use a sunscreen.

Can’t you see this fantastic?

The only con of this tracker is that it has no Heart Rate monitor. But its multiple uses have covered this problem, and it remains one of the best choices of fitness watch for women in 2020.

Instead of vibrations, it uses soft light to alert you when you have a call or any other notification.

Can’t you see this is beautiful? Imagine taking remote pictures with a fitness tracker.

You can’t get enough of this fitness watch for women.

Motiv Ring Fitness, Sleep and Heart Rate Tracker

This simple ring-like fitness tracker fits into your finger and does everything other trackers do. An inbuilt heart rate monitor that tracks your cardio activities, which it uses to follow steps, calories, sleep, and distance. Tracks all your activities 24/7.

It charges for just 90 minutes and lasts for three days. You can use it with a number of apps to optimize its functions. Apps like Apple Health and Google fit are compatible with it.

You don’t have to be afraid of the sizes. It comes in 7 different sizes, so be rest assured your size is available.

This is the only fitness tracker with an HR monitor in a ring. It is just amazing.

Amazfit Moonbeam Activity + Sleep Tracker – best fitness watch for sleep tracking

This pretty fitness tracker comes in two different forms.

The moonbeam, which has a white bracelet and a white ceramic disc enclosed in a golden frame, is the first type.

And the Equator, which is a minimalistic design with the ceramic disc and the black band, is the other.

This jewelry like tracker tracks steps, calories burned running, and sleep time with utmost accuracy.

This is the perfect choice for any lady who wants to keep it simple.

Polar Unite – best fitness watch for heart rate

The polar unite fitness tracker for women is designed to best suit exercise newbie who needs guidance. It comes with Nightly Recharge Sleep Tracking and fitspark, which recommend exercise for you based on how much you’re recovering. It is not just for the newbie, anyone can use it as it has many other beautiful features.

A Heart Rate monitor, sleep tracker, and over 100 different activity tracking modes are some of its beautiful features.

You don’t have to bother about this tracker’s battery as it lasts for four days when fully charged.

It is lightweight and comes with changeable bands to suit your mood.


I hope this exclusive review of some of the best fitness watch for women would guide you to make the perfect decision in buying a fitness tracker.

If you have any other watch you love that is not here, let me know in the comment below.


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