Finding a crucial gaming mouse could be somehow tricky, many people find it so baffling to choose the best gaming mouse, among the heaps of options, almost every genre of game has its suitable mouse.

Every gamer aims to win and to get the best result, and here is the advice that will help you to achieve the result, the best tool for winning a game is a well-functioning mouse, only the best wireless or wired mouse will give you the advantage to win the game.

However, some gaming mouse is not as right as they appeared or advertised.

In this article, we vividly discussed on how to choose the best gaming mouse

Here are some best gaming mouse in 2020

Components to consider in choosing the best gaming mouse,

including it is the shape, button selection, a great arrangement of the mouse, its size, its comfortability in hand, quality of its sensor, well customization software, customizable weights, as well as price.

Your choice between either you want a wired or wireless mouse.

Having a mouse with features set will surely improve the performance of every gamers gameplay, 

and help them to achieve their aims at the end of the game. 

One may ask, 

Why would I choose a gaming mouse over a traditional optic mouse?

For so many reasons, you have to select gaming mouse over the conventional mouse because gaming mouse is well designed specifically for that purpose.

It has specific features that make it to be more reliable when it comes to gaming,

its more perfect, more speed, more responsive, and more accessible buttons, than the normal one. 

The gaming mouse builds to help gamers achieve their goals efficiently, and they are soft and easy to operate.

Besides, it will not burn out your fingers or wrists.

For the people that are not ambidextrous,

there are one designs mainly for lefties, having one of the best gaming laptops without the best gaming mouse,

it didn’t make sense at all, right? Having both will help you to get the best outcome.

Below are the collection of the best gaming mouse in 2020

1. Logitech G502 Hero

2. Razer DeathAdder V2

3. Logitech G203 Lightsync 

4. Logitech  G Pro wireless 

5. Razer Viper Ultimate wireless 

6. Corsair Ironclaw RGB

7. Razer Naga Trinity 

1. Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless – Best Wireless Option for the Big Hand 

This is the best wireless option for the big hand 


DPI: 16,000 // Sensor: optical // Interface: USB // 2.4GHz wireless // Buttons: 11 // Ergonomic: Right handed // Inches: 400 // Weigth 114 g ( 4 oz) // Connection: wireless 

Best gaming mouse for wise gamers who want to be unbeatable as well as a novice that has no idea of what they would search for in a mouse.

The mouse is features set, comfortable, despite that it’s wireless, it’s sharp and perfect, durability, high performance, compared to other types “wired” or “wireless.” It’s more accurate. 

Logitech G502 Lightspeed wireless’s great features for its gaming and other Mouse use rolled into one.

The buttons are easy to navigate and serving a sate bounce response once you tap them,

they are not at all like other renown models they click quickly no matter how you cling on the mice, even if it’s lightly. 

2. Razer Deathadder V2 – Best Wired Gaming Mouse

Contrary to the previous one, this is the best wired gaming mouse


DPI: 20,000 // Sensor: Optical // Interface:USB // Buttons: 6 // Ergonomic:Right Handed //  Inches : 650 // Weight: 82 g (2.9 oz) Connection: wired 

A great weird mouse like Razer V2  need not to be told that it’s highly customized, but to be crucially good at fundamentals,  

Razer Deathadder has an eye-catchy shape and size that attracts buyers you can spend many hours playing the game and doing other things with it, because of its prize durability.

It also has a simple collection of buttons that will help the learner to master the game in no time and improve the performance of the old hand. 

The Razer Deathadder V2 also design to provide support for fingers and palm when the game is playing.

Those qualities purposely build to make things more comfortable.

3. Logitech G203 Lightsync – Most Affordable Mouse 

Logitech G203 Lightsync is the most affordable mouse 


DPl: 8,000 // Sensor: Optiacl // Interface: USB // Buttons 5 // Ergonomic: Right Handed  // Inches: 400 // Weight: 85 g ( 3.0 oz) // Connection: wireless 

Its quite possible to find a lot of gaming mouse that you can afford today, but to find the one with specific features like ‘Logitech G203 Lightsync”

It may be entirely impossible, delivering regular and dependable performance within a short period,

its buttons are designs to ensure ease in the game’s missions. 

If you’re to consider Logitech G203 Lightsync is somehow similar to G203 prodigy because of their identical features,

and the significant difference in the both, is the three-zone RGB lighting on the G203 Lightsync.

In contrast, the G203 prodigy has single-zone light, and this is the main difference between the two. 

4. Logitech G Pro Wireless – Best Wireless Mouse

This is also rated as one of the best wireless mouse 


DPI: 16,000  // Sensor: Optical  HERO 16k  // Interface: USB // Buttons: 8 // Ergonomic: Ambidextrous // Inches: // weight: 81 g (2.9 oz) // Battery: 40+ hours // Connection: wireless 

Logitech G Pro Wireless is incomparable when it comes to code-free pointer the facilities possessed in G Pro wireless make it to be one of the most outstanding wireless gaming mouse features of the G Pro wireless are quite excellent that will help you. 

The Logitech G Pro wireless standard component designs to be durable, light, and high-quality materials to ensure smooth performance.

One of the exciting thing in the G Pro wireless is the button on the side panel than can be removed and reinsert smoothly and long-lasting battery than can last for at least 40 hours. 

5. Razer Viper Ultimate Wireless – Sky-high DPI Best Gaming Mouse

Is the Sky-high DPI best gaming mouse 


DPI: 20,000 // Sensor: Focus+ Optical // Interface: USB // Ergonomic: Ambidextrous // Battery: 70+ hours // Buttons: 8 // Weight 69 g (2.4 oz) // Connection: wireless 

The qualities, as mentioned earlier, are all acquired by this particular gaming mouse Razer Viper ultimate wireless.

It has a comfortable shape, well-customized buttons good battery life,

and decent optical switches that make it to be one of the excellent gaming mice.

Its virtually similar to the wired one which is “Razer Basilisk V2” in shape, size, number of buttons, and scroll wheel. 

It’s the great battery life that lasted for about 70 hours,

DPI up to 20,000, 650 IPS, accuracy,

and more are the things that make it to be pretty much higher than any other gaming mouse. 

6. Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless

This is the best gaming mouse for big hands 


DPI: 18,000 // Sensor: Optical // Buttons: 7 // Interface: USB // Ergonomic: Right Handed // Weight: 105 g (3.7 oz) // Connection: Wireless 

Corsair Ironclaw RGB wireless is the latest wireless mouse designs with a host of strange qualitative materials specifically for big handed users.

It’s the best gaming mouse for larger hands tested so far, 

each part of the mouse is functions excellently it’s a bit weighty another thing that makes it to be more meaningful and significant.

RGB is a gaming mouse that every gamer will like, because of it’s well customization. 

7. Razer Naga Trinity 

Is the best gaming mouse for massively multiplayer Online games “MMO”


DPI: 16,000 // Sensor: Optical // Interface: USB // Ergonomic: Right Handed // Weight: 120 g (4.2 oz) // Buttons: 19, 14, 9

The Razer’s Naga Gaming mouse is one of the oldest gaming mouse over the years;

Naga Trinity is its latest version and yet.

It considered to be great, a smallish cozy mouse with unique features set and interchangeable thumbs grips customizable buttons arrangement.

Naga Trinity is the first gaming mouse that comes out with seven buttons across your thumbs,

it has so many buttons that will make the gameplay to become easier, instead of hard and tedious

any gamer that wants to feel their thumbs on all the numbers at a time this option is highly recommended 


All the above gaming mouse mentioned in the article recommends both wired and wireless regardless of your stage face to face or casual gamer, 

having the best gaming PC is not okay without having the best gaming mouse as well,

the best mouse is the right weapon to remain unbeatable and win all the competitions. 

I hope this critical review on gaming mouse will serve as a guide for you to choose the best among the options.  



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