Google has launched a social distance experimental program that uses enhanced reality to help keep two meters away from other people when you’re outdoors. Here is Best Smartphone App For Make Batter The Social Distancing

Sodar (presumably short for “social distance radar”) is a web application that displays footage from your phone’s camera and dominates the two-meter-wide range of your device,

so you can easily see if you’re too close to others or if you could let me get a little closer.

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  • However, there are some drawbacks. The tool is only available for Android devices, so iPhone owners are out of luck, and it will only work on Google Chrome.

How to use it? – Best Smartphone App For Make Batter The Social Distancing

Best Smartphone App For Make Batter The Social Distancing
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To use Sodar, you must first install Google Play Services for AR (formerly known as ARCore).

This will allow you to use all kinds of enhanced tools on your phone,

and automatic updates mean you don’t have to download additional software as the technology matures.

When you’re done, visit Sodar and confirm that you want the program to create a 3D map of your environment with the camera movement.

Images of your camera will not be transferred anywhere. they are only used on the device.

You will be prompted to point your phone’s camera to the floor and move it,

after which the two-meter frame will appear on the predominant screen, with a duplicate chart indicating your personal space.

Sodar is quite simple, and unlike virtual reality headphones,

furniture and other items are not taken into account when mapping your area.

However, having an accessible tool is a handy tool,

especially when you’re shopping or talking to a friend and want to make sure you keep your distance.


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