How do you know when it is time to upgrade your laptop to a newer model? Here are 2 Big Reasons Which Identify You Need New Laptop


there may be clear signs that your equipment is nearing the end of its useful life or even has passed this stage – and this is what we are going to explore in this article.

In particular,

we will consider the ten most common ways that show that it is time to take a look at buying a new laptop in an ideal world (provided that this is financially feasible, and of course you have free funds).

You may not have much choice if you are faced with this severe problem:

namely, your laptop is completely dead,

or at least it seems that it has moved to a large silicon cemetery in the sky. So, let’s first discuss this scenario.

1. Press the power button and nothing happens

This is a real moment of fear for all laptop owners: you press this power button and absolutely nothing happens – no signs of life.

In this case, you can take some basic troubleshooting steps.

First, plug the laptop into an electrical outlet (if it is not already), then try turning the power back on.

If it is connected,

make sure that the cable is not loose, and it might be worth trying another outlet (just in case there is a problem – it’s unlikely, but you will never know).

Also, use a power outlet, not an extension cord if the latter may be malfunctioning.

We will not dwell on potential solutions here, as this is not the purpose of this article,

but you can find more troubleshooting help on the Internet from Google (and here we have some tips for MacBook users).

In any case, if your laptop still does not turn on after you perform any basic troubleshooting steps yourself – and,

of course, that it goes beyond the warranty coverage – you need to decide whether to take it to a repair shop or a dealer (such as the Apple Store for MacBook) to fix this professionally.

Here you need to weigh the pros and cons – Big Reasons Which Identify You Need New Laptop

how much will the repair cost? If this is an important component that got rid of the ghost inside the laptop,

such as a motherboard, replacing it can be expensive.

And if your laptop is old and somewhat outdated,

plus, maybe, in any case, it was not so expensive, however, you better spend a little more money (maybe not much) to get a completely new car.

Thus, in this case, taking a step towards buying a new laptop – which will come with completely new components that should last for many years (I hope),

unlike an old refurbished computer that can only hang for a while longer – obviously has meaning. You will have a new laptop computer with more modern components and a new boot guarantee,

and depending on the cost factors we mentioned, this scenario is likely to be the most suitable option for replacing your current laptop.

2. You can fry eggs on the case of your laptop

Did your laptop get very hot when it was turned on for a while? Does the case seem abnormally warm in some places? Your car is very noisy – the fans inside seem to be spinning,

as if their life depends on it most of the time – and applications or games run very slowly, generally speaking?

When laptops age, they may experience heat-related problems, which are manifested by similar symptoms.

This can happen simply because of the age of the internal components,

as well as the stress they have experienced over the years and the type of heat that builds up inside the laptop case.

If this is a cheap laptop, the cooling system can be pretty bad,

and the components may have been subjected to more thermal stress than they should,

as well as the accumulation of dust over time that enters the laptop’s ventilation openings and the system (or fans) can become clogged chilling things with more complicated work than they should.

Many laptops are not designed to be opened or maintained by the user these days,

and you can do nothing about it, at least from the point of view of treatment, and not from the point of view of prevention.

It is possible that a professional repair department can help – at a price,

of course – but, in all likelihood, with an older laptop, overheating and the slowdown is just one of those signs that it’s time to buy a new model.


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