Chrome OS 85 new features launch today

Google’s Chromebook recently launch a new operating system which is Chrome Operating System 85, otherwise known as Chrome OS 85.

Google’s Chrome OS 85 updates its new features as a means of making the app comfortable for every user. They do this to improve user experience and make it more functional for every home.

This is part of the update made to the app highlighted in this blog yesterday. Password management is one of the updates made to the app.

Most of the recent updates made to the software are in the software and password management category. Thereby, enabling easier Wi-Fi password management for shared devices.

There’s also a new way for users to share settings and regulate the volume of their voice over a video call with a mic slider.

Hence, Below are the New Features of the Chromebook OS 85.

Wi-Fi Sync Feature: This Wi-Fi Sync feature is programmed to be useful to people who often switch between different Chromebooks. These are those people who switch between notebooks with similar passwords.

Wi-Fi Sync fuses the users’ Wi-Fi passwords across all Chromebooks together. That means any user can use the same password for all their Chromebooks across different devices. This is irrespective of their time or place as the password has been fused together.

Nearby Share;

Chrome OS 85 has a new feature where you can easily search for anything on settings. This enables you to search for everything and anything via that button.

According to Google, “our aim is for this button to be an “everything button”. The ability to use the Google Chromebook Launcher to search through Settings will arrive soon”.

Mic Slider: Remember I mentioned the mic slider too earlier on, which allows users to regulate their voice over a video call. This feature can be accessed via the Quick Settings Bar. Click on the volume button in the Quick Settings Bar

Finally, Video chats have also been improved in the software. There’s a new button to pass video calls while on a video chat and come back to it. It also enables you to make still pictures and still images.

You can also save videos in MP4 format.


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