Facebook adds new features to the Messenger Room today. As announced in April, Facebook adds new features to its Messenger app, Messenger Rooms.

The app which allows its users to make video calls within Messenger and Facebook app. It also allows users to make calls to friends that don’t have a Facebook account. It also allows users to make video calls to over 50 people.

Earlier today, Facebook added a new feature to its Messenger Rooms apps that enables customization of backgrounds. This feature allows users to set up customised pictures, self made themes as its background.

Asides from the fact that Messenger Rooms has over 360 backgrounds, the customization feature is to increase better User Experience of the app. Note that this feature is available only on mobile devices and users can set their background to any photo they want to use.

Another new feature of the app or let me say an improvement on the app is that; Messenger rooms now allow users to create rooms, join rooms, share rooms and manage rooms with more ease. This happens because the button for this function is easily accessible in the app. 

An exciting fact about this is that users can easily locate rooms that they’ve received invites for at the top of their Chats button. 

According to Facebook, ‘There is a tab to create a room with a default, suggested or custom activity set a future start date, and customize your audience selection.’

This doesn’t change the fact that the app recently permits the live streaming of videos. It started in July.

How to use Facebook’s Messenger Rooms

  • Create Rooms
  • Share Rooms
  • Set Dates for meetings
  • Receive invites for Rooms and Join Meetings.
  • Join Meetings


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