Google Chrome officially announce that it is set to update its app. This Google Chrome Update is based on its password management.

Google Chrome Update is based on its new mechanism to keep all passwords safe and secure. Here, you’ll be able to keep all your passwords that have been shared online before.

This new feature, Well Known Change Password is of great advantage as it is easily accessible by search engines, there’s no difficulty in finding it.

Also, this feature allows direct access to your password and there’s no need for redirecting before you can access the change password page.

The new feature is set to be released with the launch of ‘Chrome 86’ it will first be launched on this platform. ‘Chrome 86’ is to be released in October 2020.

Based on the update i.e Google Chrome Update, if a website does not support Well Known Change Password, it’ll be redirected to Google’s homepage.

Google chrome is set to upgrade its password manager tool. One of the reasons for this is to enable strong security features for the browser.

This is the assurance of safety for Chrome users especially in the area of passwords and security accessibility.

This is a new improvement for the browser, knowing that internet explorer is currently updating its settings too to enable a better experience.

Google Chrome is definitely not sleeping on this too as they’re improving user experience in terms of security and privacy.

More on Well Known Change Passwords

According to Chrome, the ‘well-known change password feature’ will be used on devices enabling Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, and Android. Note that IOS users are not included in this category. Maybe, there is a separate update for IOS Users.

It’ll be easily accessible by browsers with less probability of redirecting and this update will be made by October 2020.


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