I know you may be wondering why you’re getting personal emails from Google.

Well, Google has decided to send privacy emails to everyone, that means all Google users automatically get this email, This email is particular to those that use its audio recording feature.

At the end of this article, you’ll be able to access a pdf file further explaining the reason for these privacy emails.

Google has turned off storing audio recordings for all users.

Most of it’s users got an email on August 5  stating this, If you’re part of its users and you’ve used Google’s voice AI, including apps like Google Maps and services like Google Assistant, then, you must have gotten the email already.

Based on it’s decision to have humans analyze and rate anonymized audio snippets from its users, Google is asking it’s users to opt out of the audio recording setting.

They also, put an automatic feature that opts you out, so basically, the reason you’ve been getting that personalized email is to be informed earlier.

However, it’s also taken the major step of automatically opting every single user out of the setting that allows Google to store their audio. That’s why you might be getting an email today:

Google would like you to opt back in to the program, and it’s trying to provide clearer information detailing what it’s all about.

One of the major reasons why Google is taking this step is because it needs human reviewers to improve it’s services, However, They can’t successfully execute this without asking it’s users to consent again.

Sometime Last year, Technology companies like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and even our very own Google, experienced a major setback after it was revealed that they were using humans to review the quality of their AI transcriptions and some of the audio transcriptions leaked.

This reportedly rocked the companies reputation regarding privacy, hence, in order to gain trust, Google made this decision of asking for your consent before you opt in for its Audio recording feature.

Google made this clear in its statement, “We won’t include your audio in the human review process unless you’ve re-confirmed your [Voice & Audio Activity] VAA setting as on.”

The Goodnews about this is that, after opting out automatically, you still get the chance to opt in, its your choice. Google gives you the choice to opt out and opt in at any time.

Let me also clear your doubts on your previously saved files; They are perfectly safe.

The fact that you’ve opted out automatically doesn’t mean your files are not safe, all you need to do is to login and save it or delete it if that’s the case.

Google says that “If you opt in to allowing Google to store your audio, it gets used in two ways. There is a period where is it associated with your account.

Google uses that data to improve voice matching, and you can go there to review or delete any of that data.

As of June 2020, the default timeline for data getting automatically deleted is 18 months — but only for accounts created after June 2020. If your account is older than that, you’ll need to manually change your deletion timeline.

After that, your audio will be chopped up and “anonymized,” at which point it may be sent along to human reviewers to check for transcription accuracy.

And as it’s been a point of contention, I’ll add that some of those reviewers will be at third-party vendors. Only anonymized data will be sent to humans”.

This statement below by Google is from the pdf file at the end of this article, you should download it to see more. “To keep you in control of your audio recording setting, we’ve turned it off for you until you are able to review the updated information.

Visit your Google Account to review and enable the audio recordings setting if you choose.”

See more in the pdf below.


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