Google set to announce it by the end of September 2020.

Google will break the ice of silence by announcing its new pixel and Chromecast this year. Reports say that the company will do this by the end of the month i.e on September 30, 2020. This means that September 30th is the date for announcing a new Pixel 4a and Chromecast.

That sounds exciting right?

Although we’ve not confirmed the price but you can stay tuned to this page to get more information about its price and specifications.

They also confirm this by announcing it’s the release of Pixel 5 and 4a, both in the 5G version. This will feature several improvements and increased performance from the previous versions of the Google Pixel.

Prior to this time, the release of Pixel 5, 4a, and Chromecast were all unconfirmed rumors but now Google has confirmed it.

There are also rumors that this development by Google is based on the fact that its counterpart, Samsung and Apple have both brought something new to the table this month. This will be a great way to end this month for them.

Google set to also release Chromecast

Chromecast, which is the Networking Giant’s No 1 TV streaming platform will also be released. TechCrunch says Chromecast is on the docket for Google’s the big event, come September 30th.

The Company is set to release a new version of its TV steaming app, Chromecast.

It also features a new speaker in the app. Google confirmed this in it’s report to the press.

TechCrunch says

“A few members of the Google Home/Nest Home family are overdue for an update, most notably the original Google Home and the Home Max speaker — though the company seems a bit ambivalent toward the latter lately”

However, I think the company is coming just at the right time and they’re definately saving the best for the last.


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