As you buy a new laptop for school, you should be wondering “how much storage do I need for my laptop?”.

Storage space in a laptop has improved over the years, so much that there are a lot more points to consider when choosing a storage option.

There are size and architecture, but how do they influence your buying behaviour and budget?

The article highlights some of the points to consider, as well as the ideal laptop storage options for specific use cases.

For Light Use

How Much Storage Do I Need For My Laptop For College?

If you are looking to buy a laptop for simple, minimum everyday tasks, you are likely not going to need an enormous storage capacity on the laptop.

The use case is that you won’t have large-sized applications and movies directly stored on your laptop.

However, that is not to say that you should settle for the barest minimum storage you can find.

The ideal laptop storage range for this category of use case is 128GB to 256GB.

You should be able to install a few programs and create light files for school.

For Medium Shared Use

How Much Storage Do I Need For My Laptop for University?

Laptops that are intended to be shared (in a family, for example) need to have a bit more storage to go round.

This is so that the system can be able to handle several separate files that may be stored on it.

In the case of a family, there might be a lot of family pictures, applications, and other files to be stored.

On how much storage do I need for college, you might actually be sharing the laptop with a few other people.

The perfect range for this kind of use case is 512GB – 1TB, and it allows for several people to share the laptop’s storage without worries.

Gaming Use

This is another way of referring to a “heavy use” of laptop. PC games are heavy in size and demand a lot from the resources of a laptop.

Therefore, if you would be doing more of gaming, the laptop storage range you should be aiming for is 1TB.

It is the storage capacity that ensures that you don’t run out of space quickly, something PC games are prone to do.

Creative Use

You might be doing more of video and image editing on a laptop at school.

Tasks such as those take up space on the laptop’s storage.

Typically, image and video editing applications lead to several other files such as pictures and video files, so you need as much storage as you can get.

Storage capacities on the upwards of 1TB should be the base storage you should be aiming.

You would need more than that in the long run, but it is a good start.

Summing Up on How Much Storage Do I Need For My Laptop?

Storage sizes are variable, and buying a laptop based on that can be subjective.

Typically, laptops max out at 1TB out of the box.

The other things you need to know is that the volume of storage you would get is a little smaller than what is there on the packaging.

Also, there are two types of laptop storage: HDD and SSD.

The former is a bit older, slower and only suitable for smaller files. SSDs, on the other hand, is newer and faster.

They can also determine how you pay for laptop storage as you buy a laptop.


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