Oops! Do you want to know how to restore deleted photos on Android?

Well, you’re lucky this time. It is quite possible to restore deleted photos on Android, and if you’ve mistakenly deleted a picture you want to retrieve, you only have to follow me through this post.

Before we begin, who would have thought that something that has been deleted could be brought back? Technology has come a long way!

Not only can you do almost anything with your Android phone, and now, you get to restore deleted photos!

This means that whatever has been deleted shouldn’t just up and disappear, never to be seen again.

This is a good thing, and even better when you realize that tech developers have this in mind.

Now, let me put you through the process with which you can get back your deleted photos on your Android phone.

Getting Started

I should tell you at this point, that even if it’s possible to restore deleted photos, it’s not something that’s easy to do.

Android doesn’t let you know it can do such a thing, and you would have to dig deeper to find out yourself – and that can be really difficult and messy.

Luckily enough, you don’t have to go through that process yourself, there is software that would help you with it.

Basically, it’s the software we would be talking about going forward, and all you have to do is follow the instructions on how to use them.


Fear not! DigDeep would help you restore deleted photos on your Android phone!

First things first, download DigDeep Image Recovery here or the Play Store.

After installing, you’d have to wait for it scan through your phone – this might a while, but nothing more than 10 minutes.

When it’s done with the scan, it presents you with the folder that contains the list of applications (your guess is as good as mine; it gets it from the root repository on your phone).

Now, your job is to locate where the image has been deleted in the list of applications (we’re talking about your Gallery or Photos app here) and open it up.

In the app, find the deleted image you’re looking for and simply tap on Restore.

When you do that, you get a popup; click on the Check to see the results of the restore part of the popup.

This basically has restored that particular image; now all you just have to do is go back to your home screen, and into your normal Gallery app; you would find your restored images in the similarly named Restored pictures folder.

Restore Image (Super Easy) – Restore Deleted Photos on Android

That’s the name of the second app you can use to restore deleted photos on your android phone.

Download Restore Image (Super Easy) here or the Play Store.

After installing, open up the application and then select Search the image you want to restore.

You would then be required to select a folder; do that, and then select the Restore Image option (it is generally at the bottom left of the screen)

This basically has restored that particular image; now all you just have to do is go into the internal storage section of your file manager; you would find the Restore Image folder, where your restored images now live.

Conclusion on How To Restore Deleted Photos on Android

Whether you mistakenly deleted the picture of your dog, or you need the deleted pictures of your boyfriend now that you’re back together,

it’s really nice to know that you can get back deleted photos on your android phone.

But like I have said, it’s not something you can ordinarily do yourself;

you need the help of third-party apps such as the ones listed above.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t back up your important photos however, you know, anything can happen, and your photos might just become past restoration if enough care isn’t taken.


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