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If your home is equipped with Amazon Echo devices and here is How To Use The Amazon Alexa Home Automation Device you can now use the “insert” function to communicate with all of them at the same time. This essentially brings a quick and easy intercom to your home.

Until now, you could use the “insert” function on Amazon to send voice messages to only one other Alexa-based device. Say, from Amazon Echo in your living room to Amazon Echo Dot in your kitchen. You can “log in” and then start a conversation that works in both directions.

Now you can do the same, but also include any other Echo devices. You can use Amazon Echo in your living room to talk with Amazon Echo Dot in your kitchen, Amazon Echo Show in the children’s room, and a second Dot in the hallway at the same time. You get the picture.

What is a “fall”? – How To Use The Amazon Alexa Home Automation Device

Before we look at the new “insert” function, let’s quickly get to know what you can do with the “insert” call. This is essentially a way to start a conversation with another Alexa-enabled device. Which may be in your home or elsewhere.

Despite the fact that we say that this is a challenge, and it can cause a two-way conversation, the difference between a “call” and a call is that it does not necessarily require an answer. This means that if you have the “insert” function enabled, you can receive and send voice messages.

As you would expect, you need to approve the “paste” features before you can use them. Otherwise, someone may scream what he wants on you, and your Alexa device will get it without your participation.

Fall In Setting

To “pop in” among the Alexa devices in your home, you need to register for Alexa calls and messaging. We have a handy guide to help you make Alexa phone calls here. You can check if you are already registered by going to the chat icon in the Alexa app. If you are not asked to register, you are already sorted.

Then you need to give yourself permission to “log in” to other devices in your home. Go to the Alexa app and go to Conversations> Contacts. Your contact should appear first. Select it and turn on Allow Drop In.

That’s all. Now you can “pop in” between two devices in your home. Just say “Alexa, go to [name of the device you want to talk to]” to start.

However, to take advantage of the new feature that we talked about above that allows you to connect to several other Alexa devices at home, you will need at least three devices with Amazon Amazon built-in to use this.

If you have echo devices at home, you can get started right away. You will need to say: “Alexa, go to all devices” or “Alexa, go everywhere” to start the audio doorphone that everyone in your house hears.

Home reminder

If you’re in the US, Amazon has announced a similar feature for reminders.

In the Alexa app, you can now select “All devices” when creating a new reminder. This means that a reminder will play on all your Alexa devices at the same time.

You need to enable this feature in order for it to work. To do this, go to Settings> Reminders and select Announce on All Devices.


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