Twitter’s dark mode is easy to use and gives the app a new, more convenient look, especially when you use it at night. Here I will be showing you on How To Use The Twitter Dark Mode On Your Devices

This can slightly extend the battery life. It was found that dark pixels consume significantly less energy than white ones,

and on devices with AMOLED screens, really black pixels are actually disabled, therefore they do not consume energy at all.

Twitter’s dark mode also looks great, and we are always happy to see developers who give us more choices about how we use our applications.

WhatsApp and Instagram also offer their own dark modes, and one for Facebook is on its way.

How To Use The Twitter Dark Mode On Your Devices On iPhone and Android

There are two dark modes on Twitter for Android and iOS:

One with a dark blue background (called “dim”) and the other with a black background (called “light”), which was designed with AMOLED screens in mind.

Whatever you prefer, switching easily.

  1. Extend the main menu
  2. Select Settings & Privacy
  3. Click Show and Sound
  4. Choose Dim or Lighting

Lights Out has been available to iOS users for some time, but it has only recently been added to the Android app.

If it does not appear in the menu, open the phone’s settings and scroll down to “Applications”.

Find Twitter in the list, click on it and select “Force stop”, then clear the application data.

Restart Twitter and the Lights Out option should now be available.

Dark Twitter desktop mode

The Twitter website uses the prefers-color-scheme * parameter,

which tells your web browser that a dark version of the site is available.

Most modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Edge,

detect this and display the correct version that matches your browser settings (light or dark).

If you prefer to manually change the look of Twitter,

it’s also possible: Open the Settings & Privacy menu, then select “Show” and choose one of three options: “Default”, “Darken” and “Disable”.

  • Open the Settings & Privacy menu
  • Choose “Show”
  • Select Default, Dim, or Highlight.
  • Choose the color you like


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