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Instagram recently adds a new feature tagged ‘suggested posts’  which is part of its updates the latest upgrade of the app. When you login now, you’ll see a new category of suggested posts at the end of your main feed.

If you’re following someone or a business on Instagram, you’ll get notifications of suggested posts from them after you’ve checked the latest updates from them.

As seen in recent times, Instagram has been working on upgrades for the app by adding new features like reels, merging facebook and instagram stories together. This is the latest update in upgraded version of the app.

Instagram made their aim clear by explaining why they added this update to Techcrunch below.

“Our goal is to make it clear when you’re all caught up so you can decide how you want to best use your time.

‘We see people continuing to seek out more posts they’re interested in after catching up with their feeds, so we wanted to learn from that and make it easier to go a little deeper for those who choose to do so.

So it’s clear that Instagram’s intention is to keep you from being bored after you’ve finished scrolling through the latest updates.

This works in two ways as it helps you keep track of your time spent on instagram. It does this by sending you a notification that you’ve exhausted the latest updates from accounts you’re following.

It does this by ensuring that users are not oblivious of how much time they are spending in the app. While notifications serve as a check on their time. It also informs them that they don’t need to keep scrolling, as they’ve caught up on the latest.

The app goes further to show you sponsored ads if you choose to keep scrolling.


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