With the arrival of Apple’s IOS 14, there’s alot of changes and reviews to expect from people based on the new update to all IOS enabled devices. If you haven’t tried it before, know that after reading this article you’ll be able to change the look of your iPhone.

At some point, i was wondering why Apple chose to make such update to the iPhones but if you’re an iPhone user, you’ll know how static the homescreen has been. Its been beginning to get boring you know.

Knowing that Apple as a brand, stands for unique quality of phones that stand out. This improvement is expected as the static backgrounds were beginning to get boring. Until now, the iPhone’s home screen has been largely static.

The release of IOS 14 marks a new episode of using IOS enabled devices. The update enables IOS 14 users to alter the way their home screen operates, it also gives them the ability to customize their iPhone’s look.

One of those changes is the “App Library”, which allows apps to be shunted off to a file at the edge of the home screens. As such, an app no longer needs to be present on the home screen to be on your phone – before iOS 14, those two things were the same.

But the more meaningful change is the addition of widgets. Those sit on your home screen, but are not apps icons at all, at least in the traditional sense: instead, they can be considered mini apps in their own right, though they can work as icons too.

How to Change your iPhone Screen with IOS 14 Update

You can do this by first observing the home screen to see what change you need to make to your iPhone. Note that if you don’t see the need for any change, then there’s no need to make changes.

After checking to see if you need any change on your home screen, then you either change it or not depending on what you want. If its extremely important, then you make changes by editing the home screen. Changes like adding your picture and changing the theme should be the top priority.

When changing your picture, be very careful to add it from the right source, from what i know, you can either add it from your phone app or settings.

The next thing you should consider doing is to add widgets and app icons to your home screen

You can check online for tools used to create widgets and you’ll find numerous reliable options. Don’t forget to make your screen beautiful because beauty is all that matters.

Among many widgets app that you can use are widgetsmith, widgetwizard, widgerdoo and so on.

One of the special characteristics of IOS 14 is the fact that you can specialize your home screen to fit your taste, so don’t sleep on it . Start doing the magic with your fingers.

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