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Apple is set to release 75 million worth of 5G iPhones in 2020

Including New 5G iPhones, Watch, iPad Air and HomePod models Apple announces the release...
Best Engineering Laptop For Students and Engineers

Best Laptop for Engineering Students And Engineers

Engineering students are humans too. However, they have slightly different specifications need to the Best laptop for engineering students. When it comes...
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Price and Release Date leaks

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Price and Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Price is seen today. It’s going to be sold around £1,799 in the Uk. This price is also...
Best Gaming Laptop

Top 3 Best Gaming Laptops To Game On Ever in 2020

The best gaming laptops provide immersive game play while maintaining mobility. Introducing the latest mobile versions of cutting...
Tik Tok's Ban Telegram's Founder, Durov Reacts

Tik Tok’s Ban: Telegram’s Founder, Durov Reacts

Tik Tok's ban from the US market has attracted reactions from different parties. Some in support, others opposing it.