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Netflix Shuffle Play Button feature is highly commendable from the company as Netflix seems to be having the best year with its recent upgrades.

This is not the first time Netflix is introducing a feature of this nature as it has introduced a shuffle option for users in past times. You know that thing that pops up when you’re following a series and you’re asked if you want to replay a previous episode. That’s the kind of upgrade the company is making. This time it’ll be a button on its own on the application.

Netflix also does this shuffling for ‘latest movies’ and ‘popular shows’. Netflix is definitely for a great year as reports have it that over 15.8 million accounts subscribed to the use of the application.

Before I tell you how to use the shuffle button, it’s important that we understand that the button is located at three places in the app. The reason for the need for the button to be visible to its users and not easily ignored by users.

Based on the test run, this is how to use the button.

Netflix users will see the button at three spots which are: under each profile on the home screen, on the menu while a user is browsing within their respective profile, and finally on the TV menu screen.

The drill is that when users hit the shuffle button, they’ll be shown movies or TV shows similar to the ones they’ve watched already. For instance, A movie or TV show they’ve watched before or a saved movie on ‘My List’. Then they could proceed to hit the play button if they’re interested in the movie

Netflix tests its latest feature, ‘Shuffle Play Button today. They do this to help impulsive users to make the best possible decision in choosing a movie.

The company’s representative explains the reason for this testing process here:

“The purpose of the test is to make it easier for members to find something to watch,” They explained this in an interview to Variety.


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