New Watch Feature by Facebook Messenger is making Tech gurus fascinated. This latest invention by Facebook is Facebook’s way of making life more fun during the current pandemic.

This is one of the features that Facebook Messenger uploads as part of its plans to make life more intresting in the Pandemic.

This New Watch Feature is called ‘Watch Together’ and it was added to improve online collaboration, connectivity and communication.

The New Watch feature ensures that users of Facebook Messenger can allow friends to watch videos together with them while on a video call. Note that friends must be Users of Facebook Messenger.

New Watch Feature functions effectively in a standard Messenger application.

How to Use ‘New Watch Feature’ By Facebook Messenger

Start a Messenger Room or a Messenger video call.

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the menu.

Click on ‘Watch Together” which you’ll see after swiping up.

Then You’ll see options from which you can either select videos available on Facebook or pick videos specially chosen by you.

According to Facebook, ‘Watch Together supports up to 8 people in a video call or as many as 50 people in a Messenger Rooms call’. The feature is landing this week in the Messenger Rooms and mainline Messenger apps on iOS and Android.

Hence, Facebook is definitely pushing to make Messenger something of a one-stop shop for all things communication.

With increased competition from dedicated apps like Discord and Zoom, Watch Together could help tip the scales in Facebook’s favor, assuming that people make use of the new feature. Look for it to arrive on mobile devices later this week.

Not to forget that Microsoft and Google are not also sleeping on improving its communication capabilities, hence, Facebook is definately not relenting on its Messenger application.


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