OnePlus 8T will be an improved version of OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro, released in April, but this is not the next phone that we expect from the brand. The OnePlus Nord, affordable, affordable for the mid-range OnePlus.

OnePlus Nord has stolen the Thunder of the OnePlus 8T to some extent,

and it seems that people are more interested in Nord, as this is a new step for a company that tends to rely on repetition and procedure.

However, the 8T is probably coming, and we know a little about it.

Until recently, OnePlus known for producing “flagship killer” phones that competed with top-end phones in everything except price.

However, starting with OnePlus 7 phones, phones from the company now look more and more premium in terms of both cost and technical specifications.

The OnePlus “T” series of phones typically represents a gradual upgrade to this year’s non-T phones, adding new technology but not reinventing the brand.

We expect this to happen with the OnePlus 8T phones, with the OnePlus setup and the improvement of the OnePlus eight devices without significant repairs.

We say “we expect,” because, as already mentioned, almost nothing has been heard about phones yet.

Before the inevitable cascade of leaks and news begins, we prepared a list of what we hope to see in 8T phones.

In pursuit

  • What it is: OnePlus 8 incremental update
  • When it comes out: around the end of 2020
  • How much will it cost: at least 699 US dollars / 599 pounds sterling (about 1100 Australian dollars)

Release Date and Price of OnePlus 8T

We have not heard any official or even auditory information about the prices or releases of the OnePlus 8T,

but this does not mean that we do not know anything since we can look at past releases to predict when new phones/phones will be launch,

and what they will cost.

The OnePlus 7T phones were launched in September 2019

But the OnePlus 6T was announced in November 2018,

so we can’t be sure of the launch month,

but it seems that the release will be closer to the end of this year.

It is a pretty full potential release window, and given that the Covid-19 pandemic affected smartphones and other supply chains,

we could see that the OnePlus 8T launched at the very end of this window.

It is also worth noting that OnePlus has always argued that the “T” model is never guaranteed, but so far,

it has been continuously produced.

Regarding the price, this is another question mark,

but we expect it to be released at the same price or slightly more expensive than the OnePlus 8.

This phone costs $ 699 / $ 599 (approximately $ 1,100) for the most available version,

and the OnePlus 8 Pro started at $ 899 / $ 799 (about $ 1,500), so we could see that the OnePlus 8T Pro was priced at that price.

We do not know whether the OnePlus 8T will arrive in Australia,

as OnePlus 8 did not at the time of writing.

Still, the company announced that it plans to release OnePlus 8 there at some stage,

and has released phones in Australia in the past.


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