We expect Samsung to introduce the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 along with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 lineup in August,

but you could wait a lot longer than it is to buy it, and it will probably be much more expensive than the Note 20 too.

According to @ Ricciolo1 (a leader with a solid track record), the phone will not be available until the end of September, or possibly later.

Presumably, this is due to complications caused by Covid-19, and this generally corresponds to other leaks.

The source also claims that the Galaxy Fold 2 will cost about 2,000 euros (approximately $ 2,260 / £ 1,800 / 3,240 Australian dollars),

which could potentially make it even more expensive than the original Samsung Galaxy Fold in some regions,

although price conversion is unlikely whether it is accurate,

so the final price may be similar to the original price of $ 1,980 / $ 1,900 / $ 2,900.

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Elsewhere, My Smart Price discovered a list for the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 on the Chinese 3C certification website.

This is the organization by which the phone must be certified before selling in China,

so the details that it has are likely to be correct.

Basic Information Of Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

The list does not reveal much, but includes confirmation that the phone unsurprisingly supports 5G,

although previously we heard that there may be 4G and 5G versions.

The list also indicates a fast charge of 25 watts,

which would improve the charging of 15 watts compared to the original Galaxy Fold, but still,

it would not be as fast as some phones.

Of course, at the moment, everything should be taken with a pinch of salt,

especially the leak of the price and release date, since it is not clear where the leader got this information from.

With any luck, we’ll have all the official Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 details before too long if it is announced in August,

but it sounds like it might be a while longer before you can buy it.

If you are lucky, we will soon have all the official data on the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, if they are announced in August,

but it seems that a lot of time will pass before you can buy them.


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