The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus was Samsung’s 2019 flagship, and people mostly said yes to the question “is note 10 plus the best phone?” at the time.

While we’re at the point in 2020, where another Note flagship from the company is coming up,

the Note 10 Plus is still so much powerful and relevant as it was nearly a year ago.

We take a look at the device in this review; the aspects that make up the phone, and whether it is a good buy for you.


Samsung Note 10 Plus Review - Display

Right out of the bat, Samsung has had the display game on lockdown since like the Samsung Galaxy S6.

It gets better by the iterations, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has the one of best display you can find on a smartphone.

At the time it was launched, it was crowned the best display of the year,

due to the tuning and optimisations Samsung got right with it.

The display is a 6.8 inch, AMOLED one with an HD+ resolution.

It curves to the sides of the phone and is uninterrupted except by the tiny hole punch area for the selfie camera.

Using the display in daily use is such a delight.

Pictures are crisp and sharp, with colours represented in a popping fashion.

It’s 6.8 inches feels bigger than it is because it reaches to the near ends of the device itself.

Multimedia consumption on Note 10 Plus is as good as it gets, even in 2020.

However, it’s not all roses and plum with the display.

Since it’s a curved one, you are prone to accidentally pressing it while the phone rests on your palm.

It is also very unwieldy if you want to use in just one hand.

Overall, the display is of high-quality, and while there are better displays already (with higher refresh rates and all),

the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus’ display is something you’ll enjoy using for a long time.


Whenever Samsung creates a flagship, the performance is one area they tend to go hard on.

Samsung Note 10 Plus - Powerful Android

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus has 12GB of RAM and storage options that go as high as 512GB.

Even by 2020 standards, this configuration totally blows many smartphone away.

In day to day use, Note 10 Plus has some of the fastest performance you can get.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset running underneath the hood is blazing fast.

It used to be the fastest performing chipset on a smartphone until recently.

There are other variants of the Note 10 Plus that uses Samsung’s Exynos 9825 chipset instead,

but there isn’t much difference in speed.

In general, there is no shortage of raw speed on the Note 10 Plus. It would handle virtually tasks you throw at it with deftness and power.


Samsung Note 10 Plus - Design and Camera

In the camera department, Samsung put out all stops and crammed the Note 10 Plus full with camera technologies (it’s a flagship device, remember?).

It’s got 5 cameras, with four of that at the back, and one on the front.

The main camera array has a 12MP main lens, 12MP telephoto lens, a 16MP ultrawide lens and a depth sensing lens.

They give you several modes which you can take pictures, and they improve on the results, when compared wuth other phones.

On the front of the device, the camera is a 10MP one, capable of wide angle shots. Samsung added software bonuses such as extra filters and picture modes.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus would give a fun and versatile camera experience.

Even though it’s not the best camera out there, it sits with the big boys at the top of that list.


For Samsung, battery can be really tricky.

Ever since an entire model of their previous device burned down from a battery problem,

they needed to play it safe with batteries in their phones.

On the other hand,

throwing in the numbers is one way they can stay ahead of the competition, or at least keep up with it.

With all of this, Samsung settled to put a 4300mAh battery in the Note 10 Plus.

This is a fairly big battery pack (not the biggest in a smartphone), and should get you through a day of heavy use.

Since heavy use is relative, the battery life would vary for a lot of people.

However, in day to day average usage, the Note 10 Plus would endure well. When you need to charge it up, it is very easy.

The smartphone comes with a 25W charger in the box and supports up to 45W charging. You can also wirelessly charge the device for convenience too.

Design and more of Samsung Note 10 Plus

Note 10 Plus is, without a doubt, one of the gorgeous smartphones ever made to this day.

Samsung put in a lot of attention to the design and aesthetics, as they usually do.

The frame is a glass and metal sandwich,

with the front and back glass gently curving to meet the metal rail in the middle.

Since it is in the Note lineup of Samsung smartphones, it does have its S-pen.

This time, the S-pen is given a lot more functions: it can act as a remote for the phone for a hands-free experience.

Other than that, it still has the same fluid write and scribble functionality that the S-pen is known for.

There are other things that are missed however, like the headphone jack.

A lot of smartphones are omitting it as well, but for a Note device, it is more sorely missed.

You can live with it though,

with headphones that utilise the cutting edge Bluetooth connectivity technologies the Note 10 Plus comes packing in.

Conclusion on Samsung Note 10 Plus Review

The Note 10 Plus is a really great device.

It is soon to be replaced by an upcoming Note smartphone,

but it’s still just as capable as it was from day one.

From great performance to stellar display and cameras.

For the people wondering, “is note 10 Plus worth buying?”,

It won’t be a bad idea to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus in 2020.


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