At CES 2020 we discovered many exciting initiatives and products that combine different technologies to improve people’s quality of life. An example of this is Lexilens.

They are smart reading glasses for children with dyslexia, designed by Abeye, which have been recognized by the Best of Innovation Awards.

Abeye’s team has worked with optical experts to develop this technology, which has taken years of research and testing.

How these reading glasses work

These glasses have miniaturized electronic circuitry and electrochromic lenses that allow precise light to come through for effortless, clear reading. At first glance they look like any glasses, but with a small button on the temple to turn them on or off with a simple click. So when the child prepares for reading she only has to turn them on and her mechanism in the glasses is activated.

Once activated the effect is instantaneous. It works with a small battery that promises up to two days of autonomy, so you can take it to school without problems.

These glasses are specially designed for children, so it has a series of characteristics that adjust to the dynamics of the little ones. They are easy to use, require no prior training, and can be adapted as they grow.

Another detail that their creators have taken into account is that they are compatible with prescription lenses, so this will not cause conflict with their dynamics. They are not for sale yet, but all the information for interested users can be found on their presentation page.

Lexilens has not been the only proposal designed for people with dyslexia that we found in the latest edition of CES. Lexilife was also presented, a reading lamp that uses an LED system


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