• PS5 Pre-order is about to be massive as its limited number is not enough to cover the number of people getting ready to get the Play Station 5. PS5 Pre-order began last week. It started on September 10th.

PS5 Pre-order may be limited because Sony may decide to pull a fast one on us. Sony announced that the company is set to launch its latest console before the year runs out, which is  PlayStation 5.

You can check out our previous articles for the spec as Sony has revealed specifications of the Play Station 5.

However, there are still doubts about the PS5 Pre-order, release date, cost and other information. That’s the reason for this article.

There’s a need for you to act fast and register for the pre-order because a lot of people will rush the link. Note that you’ll require a shipping address i.e a US shipping address to be able to make this PS5 Pre-order.

It has reached us that orders will be limited to one console per PSN ID, so you can’t place more than one order for one PSN ID.

News reaching us also suggest that those that will be able to access the console first are those that make Pre-orders directly from PlayStation. This is the more reason why we need to register with our PSN ID.

You can also get other PS5 products indirectly. You don’t need to go directly to Play Station as it’ll be available with Third-party retailers.

Sony’s senior vice president of marketing Eric Lempel’s recent stream focused on the DualSense controller said that gamers will be given ample warning before preorders go live, and those that pre-order will get a notification before the product starts selling.

In his words, Eric Lempel said “We’ll let you know when preorders will happen,” “It’s not going to happen with a minute’s notice. We’re going to, at some point, let you know when you can preorder PlayStation 5.”

Predictions from different news sites and users of the product suggest that PS5 Pre-order will start before the end of September. Most people tie this fact that both Xbox and LG’s Dual Sense Controller have been released, hence, Sony will not want to be left out.

PS5 Pre-order: When will it be available

There’s no concise date for the pre-order but if you stay tuned to this page you’ll know as it’ll definitely be before the end of this year.

You can turn on notifications for this website and Play Station’s direct page to stay notified.

PS5 Pre-Order: release date

Just have it at the back of your mind that PS5 is coming out before the end of 2020. So no need to worry.

PS5 Pre-order: Cost?

Sony has mentioned that the cost of PS5 will come at a later date. According to them, ‘pricing information will come at a later date.’

However, it’ll be nice if you save up for around $500

Finally, don’t forget that the Play Station Event is tomorrow, so stay tuned to get updates from this page.


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