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Despite all the drama going on with TikTok and the US Government, it seems to be unperturbed as it launches its new product, Fire TV today.

The company explains that though it’s Global Head of Marketing, Nick Tran, saying, “People are looking for a community right now, and TikTok is connecting users to content and people that resonate and are meaningful to them,”

Fire TV allows you to stream videos, record videos, add effects, and post.

The app is still its experimenting stage so there’s more we’re yet to see.

The company explains that “for now, the app isn’t tied to users’ existing accounts, so the types of videos available on the TV app could be a lot different than what’d you’d see on your phone.”

Nick further states that;

TikTok has been thinking through what the adoption of streaming devices like Fire TV means for connecting with our users and how we can offer them more dynamic experiences, and we feel bringing our content to the TV to some extent is a natural next step.

This means, TikTok is now on our  big screen, what a perfect way to keep your head high and keep the business going right?

Well, this next big step for Tik Tok is commendable, however, I think this should be the least of their headache right now.

You would recall that Tik Tok has been in the face of the media for a while now, and not just for any reason, for the global-political saga between the US President, Donald Trump, and China.

This Teenage fancy video app was banned by the US government due to concerns on that it scoops up information on Americans that could be turned over to the Chinese government.   

Owned by ByteDance, a Beijing-based tech company, TikTok has drawn the attention of the Trump administration, India has already banned TikTok, and Australia is also considering blocking the app.

These concerns come as TikTok sees its popularity explode.

The app has gotten a new boost from the coronavirus pandemic, drawing in people looking to escape the boredom of lockdown. Research shows that it been downloaded more than 2 billion times.

TikTok is facing a Legal battle here, launching a new product should be the least of their worries.

With their reputation up in the sky, I think they should be more proactive about their response strategy.

In my opinion, instead of taking this step, they should look for a more solid step to stake their foot in the US economy. I believe that if they considered the partnership with Microsoft, that’ll be a big chunk for them.

They can do it while fighting the legal battle to keep their place in USA.

Also, they should focus more on improving their security system and proving to the US government that its safe for all it’s citizens.

Over time, their response strategy has been commendable, In a 2019 blog post, TikTok said all US user data is stored in the US with a backup in Singapore and they don’t and will never report to the Chinese government.

Also, TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer promised more transparency on the operations of the app, pledging to make its algorithm available to experts.

But do you think this is enough, let’s hear your thoughts in the comments section.


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