YouTube releases YouTube Shorts.

TikTok’s rival is now up in the air as YouTube releases a new version of its app, YouTube shorts. With the current controversy, TikTok is experiencing, YouTube seems to be taking advantage of the situation by releasing a short video app, YouTube Shorts.

YouTube announced this on Monday. YouTube officially announced its new feature YouTube Shorts. This viral video app looks a lot like TikTok, Like TikTok’s rival app.

According to YouTube, Shorts is a “new way to express yourself in 15 seconds or less.” Users can use it to create and watch short-form videos right on the YouTube platform.

Youtube also says, “YouTube Shorts will provide a number of tools to allow creators to make videos on their mobile devices. It will consist of a “multi-segment camera” that can combine separate clips, as well as speed controls and a timer and countdown so you can create videos without needing to hold your phone.

The first time YouTube Shorts came into limelight is in india, precisely in April 2020. Fast forward to September, 2020, YouTube said it will first launch YouTube Shorts in India.

After, launching in India, YouTube may consider spreading to the remaining parts of the world. The US may most likely be the next place.

Reviews of the app update by YouTube show that this is most likely TikTok’s feature? The library of music you can use to record with.

How to Update your YouTube to TikTok’s Rival App, Shorts

After noticing the new section on your YouTube homepage which is called YouTube Shorts.

You’ll see a section of videos that features your favorite YouTube content creators. However, this videos will be short.

Also, just like Discover section in TikTok, You’ll be able to discover short videos on YouTube Shorts Platform.

YouTube does this to optimise user experience of its application.


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